Ann Law’s chance procedure dance is with musician/composer Lou Wamp and performers/dance makers Mario DeAndre Brooks, Katelynd Frierson, Chris Mathis, and Rowan McGregor


In honor of John Cage’s 100th birthday, we present an evening of collaboration between composers and choreographers in a Cagean spirit, but with a flavor unique to our region. Cage’s collaboration with choreographer Merce Cunningham is legendary not only for the extraordinary work they produced, but for their utilization of “chance procedures” as a key element of their creative process. Cagefest Chattanooga gathers 6 very distinctive composers from the southeast and pairs them by chance with 6 choreographers. Each pair shares an essay from Hope Beneath Our Feet as a starting point. They proceed to compose a short piece independently. As with Cage and Cunningham, music and dance will be brought together for the first time on the evening of the performance, making for surprising, unexpected and delightful juxtapositions of sound and movement! Join us for an utterly unpredictable event!

Participating artists are: Composers: Shane Perlowin, Michael Kallstrom, Tim Hinck, Jonathan McNair, Lou Wamp, The Shaking Ray Levis w. David Greenberger and Mary Piper Choreographers: Ann Law, Mary LaBianca, Monica Ellison, Rebekah Mawuko, Barry Van Cura, Angela Sweet

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